Topological consistent modeling in spatio-temporal context with moving objects in the city model


The aim of this proposal is to study topological consistency of configurations of spatio-temporal objects like points, line segments, planar polygons, polyhedra and hyper-polyhedra in the generality necessary for construction and geo-informatics. Topological consistency should be verifiable as efficiently as possible. In this way, correct topological query results shall be made possible also across levels of detail. To the consistency of spatio-temporal models also belongs the embedding of different temporal scales. In various ways of temporal discretization, movements and changes in general take place at those temporal scales. This aspect leads to the aim of classifying 4D-objects with respect to geometric and topological integrity constraints. A self-correction as well as interactive correction of inconsistent data shall be performed, and topological errors due to uncertainty shall be made measurable. The developped theories and methods shall be validated. An XML-schema for consistent modelling including the semantics of objects and which is as simple as possible, shall result in an application to concrete city model data. Finally, tests with real examples shall be performed.