SpecWa: Spectral remote sensing data and chlorophyll a values of inland waters


This dataset contains data of measurements at several inland water bodies in the region around Karlsruhe, Germany, including spectral data and mainly chlorophyll a values. The measurements are motivated by the idea to link remote sensing data and in-situ acquired data for an estimation of selected water parameters solely based on spectral data with data-driven machine learning approaches. To address this topic, we monitored the selected inland water bodies with a spectrometer as a remote sensing device and two in-situ measurement devices to collect among others the chlorophyll a values during the summers of the years 2018 and 2019. The eleven selected water bodies are characterized by a relatively small size and a variety of different chlorophyll a concentrations.

In sum, the dataset of the year 2018 consists of 1,305 datapoints and the dataset of the year 2019 includes 2,830 datapoints. Each datapoint is defined by the spectral data in the range of 389 nm to 910 nm and all in-situ measured reference values such as the chlorophyll a concentration of the respective year. Depending on the applied in-situ measurement device, the chlorophyll a concentration or additional water parameters were either measured directly on-site or taken as water samples and analyzed in the laboratory.

We provide the data in nearly raw format including information about the water bodies. The data are organized along the year of the measurements. In addition, exemplary scripts for reading and processing the data are included.