CAOS Subproject B

  • Ansprechperson:

    Dr. Sina Keller

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Hinz

  • Projektgruppe:

    German-Luxembourgian-Austrian Research Unit

  • Förderung:


  • Projektbeteiligte:

    Subproject B: University of Potsdam, Institute of Earth- and Environmental Sciences (Prof. J. Tronicke)


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  • Endtermin:


CAOS-Subproject B: Non-invasive geophysical and remote sensing methods to map and characterize relevant structures and processes

One objective of the CAOS project is to identify potential links between remote signatures and subsurface processes related to geophysical methods and soil moisture probing.

In the subproject B, this task is implemented by an installation of an experimental field laboratory. The field laboratory consists of a cable car equipped with different remote sensors (see figure). By using these sensors a variety of high-resolution remote sensing experiments including the monitoring of artificial and natural infiltration events are conducted. Within this experimental design the evaluation of the aimed objective is ensured by combing remote sensing data with geophysical observations along pre-selected profiles and the point-based, measured ground trothing data.

Objectives within the remote-sensing part of the subproject B are:

  • To develop a model that is able to process data of different remote sensors and to map geophysical, topographical and hydrological parameters on a “test-site” scale;
  • To develop a model and/or to adapt the in phase 1, implemented model to process data generated on a coarser scale by installing satellite and/or airborne data and to map geophysical, topographical and hydrological parameters;
  • To develop a model and/or to adapt the implemented model to couple the above-mentioned models resulting in one multi-scale model assessing the modeled parameters.