Building event histories of dead files 2


The three datasets dfnobmfe.sp, dfnobmfe.tse, dfnobmf.tse contain the building histories from the random sample taken from the dead files.

The first dataset dfnobmfe.sp is in SPELL-format, where each spell begins with the year in column "from" and ends in the year in column "to". The state can be any other column.

The second dataset dfnobmfe.tse is in TSE-format, where the duration of each state is in the column "arxtime". The event is written in column "EK" and is one of

  A demolition
  N new construction
  V improvement
  W post-war reconstruction
  Z war destruction

The third dataset dfnobmf.tse is the same as dfnobmfe.tse with the only difference that also an event

  E owner change

is recorded in column "EK".