MultiCol-SLAM: A Multi-Fisheye Camera SLAM System

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    GNU GPLv3

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    Urban, S.; Wursthorn, S.; Leitloff, J.; Hinz, S. (2016): MultiCol Bundle Adjustment: A Generic Method for Pose Estimation, Simultaneous Self-Calibration and Reconstruction for Arbitrary Multi-Camera Systems. International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV), pages 1-19, 2016.


MultiCol-SLAM is a full multi-fisheye camera SLAM system build upon ORB-SLAM. It extends ORB-SLAM with some novel concepts and methods. First, keyframes are exchanged by multi-keyframes modelling the fact, that multiple images exist at each keyframe position. The multi-camera system is modeled using MultiCol and the camera projections within these model are calibrated using a generic polynomial model. Bundle adjustment is formulated as an optimization of a hyper graph and implemented in g2o. Furthermore, new types of descriptors are included, i.e. a distorted and an online learned, masked version of BRIEF. The loop closing mechanisms and re-localization capabilites of ORB-SLAM are extended for multi-camera systems.