SISKA - Solar Irradiation System Karlsruhe (renewable energies)


SISKA - Solar Irradiation System Karlsruhe

SISKA is part of IPF's topic "renewable energies". SISKA estimates the efficiency of solar energy (photovoltaic). The system extracts planar roof surfaces derived from 3D laser data with methods developed byIPF. These roof planes are assigned to individual buildings based on cadastral maps. For each roof plane the energy potential is estimated on the basis of their inclination, exposition, size, shadow analysis as well as average regional solar irradiation.



Example-Data: KIT, Campus South
SISKA Jahresschattenanalyseannual balance of shadow analysis (light yellow: no shadow, purple: strong shadow)





extrahierte Dachflächen

roof surfaces derived from laserscanner data for large areas




Poster Erfassung geeigneter Dachflächen für Photovoltaik
Poster: extraction of suitable roof surfaces for photovoltaic (Intergeo fair 2009, Karlsruhe) [german]